In Remembrance 

This page is dedicated to all of the Angel Children and Mothers that live in Heaven. It is the hope of L.E.N.D. to pay tribute to the lives of those that have been loss. All too often survivors of loss feel ashamed, detached, and isolated. This safe space is for individuals that are seeking a place to share the lives of their beloved one.

Light a Candle 

Memorial Garden

Child loss is such a unforgettable and devastating expericence for any mother to endure. It is such a taboo and lonely club to be a member of. Child loss survivors often suffer and memorialize their babies in silence due to the stigma that surrounds these unfortunate losses. L.E.N.D. is here to put an end to silent suffering. As a mother you deserve to share the love for your child with the world. In fact, L.E.N.D. encourages you to lean into love by sharing a memorial candle to memorialize your Angel Baby. How can you do so? We will tell you! Start off by filling out the order form. Be sure to include your Angel Baby's name in the message portion, give 24 hours for processing, and review your Angel Baby's Memorial Candle.

As long as our Angel Babies light the way we will always see our paths. This memorial garden is dedicated to all of the children that look over their families in Heaven. 

Damian Bamberg

Born: 11/14/05


L.e.n.d. Will Fight For You!

New research has indicated that racism and implicit bias has an impact on neonatal and maternal treatment given to minority women. Black women die at a much higher rate than their counterparts. Even when economic, educational, and physical conditions are leveled amongst women of all races, Black women still are dying at an increased rate of that of their counterparts. There has to be a call to action! Too many black women and their babies have loss their lives due to the biases displayed in medical field! Their precious lives will not be in vain. L.E.N.D. will continue to fight and honor the legacies they left behind. This portion of the website will honor Black women who lost their life during or after pregnancy.

Khloe N. Dixon

Born: 02/06/17

Timanie Ann

Born: 11/06/18


Amari Aubre' Carter

Born: 12/09/12


Daphanie Alona

Born: 02/15/15


Christopher Mack Harmon III
Born: 11/18/18


Baby Edwards 

Born: 12/1/18

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