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Financial Support

Postpartum depression is a serious health condition and can be considered disabling in some cases. To qualify for SSDI or SSI disability an applicant must display the following symptoms:


  • Loss of libido
  • Change in sleeping habits or constant sleep disturbances
  • Challenges in connecting with the baby
  • Feelings of emptiness or low self-esteem
  • Lethargy or withdrawal from physical activities
  • Delusions, paranoia, hallucinations, or suicidal thoughts


If you have displayed any of the symptoms above please contact your primary care professional and Obstetrician/Gynecologist to receive an appropriate medical diagnosis. Upon diagnosis, review the qualifications that will determine what type of disability benefits you may be eligible for. 


Postpartum is a significant and sensitive time in the life of a woman. Many people believe that once a woman delivers a child that the struggles and fears of motherhood are over. We are here to agree with you on the fact that those people have absolutely no idea the physical, emotional, and financial woes that may arise in the postpartum stage. Although, maintaining good health should be an everyday way of life there should be a special focus on emotional, mental, physical, and financial health when you are in the postpartum phase of recovery. This page is dedicated to all the women that have delivered a baby within the last three years. It is the aim of L.E.N.D. to create, link, and share resources with you that can positivity impact the health of you and your baby. 





After childbirth, required tasks may come at a new mother swiftly. Often times, the emotions of new moms are at an all time high. With the responsibilities of maintining good physical health for you and your new baby emotional stability may be altered. It is extremely imperative that during this time you accurately track and document your feelings. Doing so will allow for to understand what the appropriate postpartum thoughts and emotions should be for a new mom. Take the quiz below to determine if you have a case of the baby or big news (postpartum depression). 

Baby Blues or big news?

Physical Awareness

*DISCLAIMER: The products below were recommended based on personal use and review.

 Postpartum physical recovery can be a very uncomfortable and grueling time for new mothers. From the quick onset of enlarged breasts filled with milk to the gas cramps that can plague the body. New mothers can endure a lot of pain and discomfort. Although, postpartum physical recovery is inevitable after childbirth there are a few items that can make your healing experience easier. Items listed below include Colace 2-in-1 Stool Softener & Stimulant Laxative Tablets, Motrin IB-Ibuprofen Tablets, Convenient Take-Along Packs, Lansinoh Ultimate Protection Disposable Nursing Pad, Vaseline Cocoa Butter Healing Jelly, and Medela, Harmony Manual Breast Pump. 

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