Battling infertilty comes with variety of emotional and physical issues. Access to financial resources should be the last thing you have to endure. We all know how expensive it can be to pay for alternative reproductive assistance. Below is a list of companies that offer great fertility assistance benefits packages to their employees. Feel free to research the company and any job openings they may have available.

During this time of added uncertainty emotional stability can be heightened with the fear of the unknown. Due to the COVID-19 virus the state in which we receive medical treatment has changed swiftly. Some clinics and hospitals have delayed or are heavily overbooked for alternative forms of reproductive assistantance and surgeries. We know how disappointing it can be to have such critical procedures cancelled and your timelines altered. Every person and their infertility journey is unique to them. How a person copes with this roller coaster and unknown set of emotions will depend on their personality and situation.

Although, the journeys may be different, there are often similarities in emotions that are displayed or contained. Women battling Infertility already have to deal with anxiety, isolation, inferiority, and the fear of never reaching Motherhood. The new world pandemic may have intensified these feelings. Take a look below at a few home tips you can use to help you combat anxiety and depression during this time.

Pre-pregnancy is an excellent time to physically prep your body and give yourself the best shot of pregnancy on your end. Are you Ready and Set to Go? Take the quiz below to determine how well you have prepped your body for the marathon called "Pregnancy."

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Physical awareness

Financial Support


Pre-Pregnancy is a significant time in the life of women looking to conceive. Although, maintaining good health should be an everyday way of life there should be a special focus on emotional, mental, physical, and financial health when you are planning to conceive. This page is dedicated to all the women that are looking to start their conception journey. It is the aim of L.E.N.D. to create, link, and share resources with you that can positivity impact your health through this crucial planning stage.



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